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Based in Saratoga Springs, NY and Nashville, TN

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Braathe To Consult Florida Based Hospitality Startup

Braathe Enterprises will be spending a week in Florida with a hospitality startup.  In prior consultations and trainings, Braathe has spent a full 8 hour day with a team of managers and leaders for a day of team building.  In this case, we will be spending an entire week with the partners of an organization working on a variety of projects and training initiatives.

For a day of training, our fees vary from $500-$5000 depending on the number of attendees and the scope and length of the training/consultation.  If you’d like Braathe Enterprises to visit and work with your business for a week, our fees are $5000-$15,000 depending on hours required on-site, pre and post work and content, plus assistance with travel and accommodations.

Our triplicity promise – if you bring us to your business to do a consultation and training, we promise you will see triple the value in what you pay us in increased productivity, profitability or other agreed upon measurables and deliverables.

To get a quote or proposal from Braathe Enterprises, email us at

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