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Robert Braathe has management experience with Walt Disney World Parks & Resorts, Gap Retail and Apple, Inc.

He has taught at several colleges including Skidmore College, SUNY Delhi, and Schenectady County Community College

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Tweet, Gram, and Post!

I was working on a marketing plan for someone’s new business yesterday, and I found myself typing away at how important the social media strategy really is to a business today. When I’m working on an assignment like that, I start off with research and then just type everything that comes to mind based on the research as well as my previous knowledge. I call it a brain dump. As I was finishing up my brain dump on social media, it occurred to me that this is all very intuitive to me because I grew up with these platforms and technology; but, those who did not grow up with it might not have grasped yet how important social media really is.

I have Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. My primary use for them is to learn about what is going on in my communities and in the world. I admit that I rarely post to Twitter, but I follow my favorite brands, stores, people, magazines, and authors. And they aren’t tweeting about their newest achievements; they’re tweeting about what interests them– what news articles got them thinking, what natural food can be used as a cold remedy, what person inspires them. Companies and people on Instagram often use the picture blog platform in a similar way, but with more visually stimulating content that is less easily retweetable, but that provides a momentary glimpse into the company’s world. My experience with Facebook is that brands use it more for advertising than for engagement (Facebook, is after all, an advertising company first and a social media platform second). However, I still find myself bypassing restaurants’ and businesses’ websites on my Google search and looking for their Facebook page. I want to see what specials they have going on and what people have tagged the businesses in. Each platform is different, and needs to be approached as such. Posting discounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook is redundant and a a waste of precious resources. Use these platforms as a way to support other businesses and people in your community. By highlighting events,  success stories, or a favorite coffee spot, you’re simultaneously engaging with your business community (and are likely to get a shoutout later on) and you’re also becoming a trusted resource for info for your customer base. If they like your product or service, they probably will like what you like, too! Facebook’s advertising algorithm depends on this concept.

This social media presence is not easy to develop. It requires regular updates and a consistent voice. I cannot emphasize these two points enough. Before posting a single post, sit down with your team and your social media manager/director (yes, you should have one) and write down precisely what your Twitter voice, Instagram face, and Facebook voice will each look and sound like. What messages are you trying to convey? What type of relationship do you want to form? Are you comedic relief? The information gatherer? The community watchdog?

This should be a fun and exciting project for you and your business! If it’s not, let’s talk.

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Braathe Enterprises Returns to Nashville Summer 2015

Robert Braathe will be returning to Nashville to offer customized training and business consulting services for entrepreneurs in the summer of 2015.

Robert is currently scheduled to be in Nashville and Franklin from July 20th until August 20th.  Sign up for a consultation call before his visit

While Robert is in Nashville, Michelle will be running the Saratoga Springs office and will be offering customized classes and training for entrepreneurs in the upstate NY region.

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Robert Braathe – The Emergency Professor

Since 2008, Robert Braathe has filled in for professors who have gone out on medical leave, had personal issues or emergencies come up, or for colleges who have last minute openings on their faculty.

In Spring 2008, Robert took over 4 classes in a hospitality department mid-semester.  He also took over an International Business class with 5 weeks remaining in the term.

In 2009, he took over an introduction to business class with a few weeks left in the semester for a professpr who went out on a personal leave.

In the Fall of 2010, Robert took over 2 hospitality classes when a faculty member went on medical leave a couple weeks before the semester began.

Fall of 2014, Michelle took over an introduction to business class mid-semester when a faculty member fell ill.

Most recently, Robert was hired to take over two other classes two weeks into the semester for a faculty member who went out sick.

If you are in a pinch at a college or university and need a professor position filled, Robert and his colleagues at Braathe Enterprises are equipped to make your semester continue without a hitch.

Call us at 518-290-0812 or 203-770-2686 with your needs.

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Alternative Education and Training

College tuition continues to be exorbitantly high, prohibiting many qualified students from receiving training that would benefit them in the pursuit of starting a career. Fortunately, “education” is expanding beyond the walls of old, large institutions, and textbooks are losing their relevance. Now, despite the high costs of traditional education, there are growing opportunities to develop skills applicable to small, growing businesses.  Young professionals and aspiring professionals now have access to thousands of courses online through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) such as Coursera and edX, and more technical courses such as Codecademy and Vair. These emerging sources to receive specific training allow these professionals to direct their education and prepare themselves for the jobs they want. With the tech startup scene ever-changing, the courses and programs are appealing to both employers and professionals who want teams on the cutting edge of technology and services while not having to invest a lot of money into professional development.

These opportunities can be leveraged in order to grow a business and to remain competitive in various markets. As business owners, you can expect to find new hires with knowledge and technical skills, and if not, you can find affordable programs to train new hires.

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LeBron and Dickson on Social Media

LeBron James and Tom Dickson may have gained infamy in households across the nation in very different ways, but at least they both know how to keep people talking. Now, whether or not you feel that LeBron should have gone back to Cleveland or not, there’s one thing that can’t be disputed. And that’s his ability to sell a sneaker. He is selling his sneakers better than any other NBA star today. A lot of that has to do with how he is promoting his shoe. Check out his Instagram profile to see how he shows off his new shoes, sometimes even before they have been released. He’s building hype around his product, and developing a relationship with his fans and potential consumers with his social media presence.

Tom Dickson, a YouTube celebrity, has also proven to be able to build relationships over social media surrounding his product. He is able to demonstrate the durability of his product while also building street credit on the internet. With millions of views on YouTube and thousands of requests for objects to blend, Dickson was able to leverage his social media presence to build a brand for his products as well as for himself. We now know the man behind the blender, which often helps him with sales).

Whether you’re a celebrity trying to show off a shoe that Nike developed with a licensing agreement with you or you just have a product, you can use social media to build the relationships with your customers so that they know not just what they’re buying, but who they’re buying it from.

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