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Braathe Enterprises designs and delivers customized training for you and your business.

Robert Braathe, MBA has management experience with Walt Disney World Parks & Resorts, Gap Retail and Apple, Inc.

He teaches courses including Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources and Marketing at Schenectady County Community College, Hudson Valley Community College, SUNY Cobleskill and SUNY Adirondack.

Previously, he also has taught courses at Skidmore College, SUNY Delhi, Mildred Elley, Housatonic Community College and Fulton-Montgomery Community College

Michelle Przedwiecki, MPH, joined Braathe Enterprises in 2013 to bring curriculum development experience to the team. She co-teaches a number of courses with Robert and teaches Introduction to Business at SUNY Adirondack.

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Take a College Level Class at Your Business in Saratoga, Latham, Troy, Schenectady or Clifton Park this Spring or Summer

Robert Braathe, teaching college business classes since 2007, understands that not every business has the ability to send their employees to college.  Therefore, Braathe Enterprises continues to design and facilitate training on-site at businesses with the same rigor and content that he provides in a college classroom.

One of the most convenient format Braathe Enterprises offers is a 7 week, 4 session course for 90 minutes every other week with an online discussion area for the course in between sessions.  Classes taught in this format include:

Human Resources, Introduction to Business, Virtual and Face to Face Teamwork, Organizational Communication, Hospitality and Hospitality Management (various topics), Customer Service, Project Management, Strategic Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Sample Course Schedule

Weeks 1, 3, 5, 7 – One of these time slots – 8:30am-10:00am, 10:00am-11:30am, 11:30am-1:00pm, 1:00pm-2:30pm, 5-6:30pm or 7:00-8:30pm

Week 2, 4, 6 – Online Discussions and Optional Group GoToMeeting/Google Hangout

During the 4 classroom sessions, we can deliver content and have interactive discussions – on the discussion weeks, we can discuss textbook reading material, do online assessments or facilitate further discussion via a live call.

To get a proposal put together for a 7 week or other length course for you and your business sometime between May 1st and July 17th, contact us at or 518-290-0812.



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Be unreasonable

I find inspiration, advice, guidance wherever I go and from whomever I meet. There is always something to learn, even from the things we know so well. I keep a 3 x 5 notebook in my bag or coat pocket at all times to scribble down interesting sentences or concepts I hear as I walk down the street, ideas or questions I come up with myself, details from conversations I never want to forget. We are absolutely inundated with information. With millions of websites from which to choose, we often rely on social media to narrow down the information we receive based on our friends’ likes and posts. It is now easier than ever before to generate new content. But, it’s also more difficult than ever to create truly original content. What do we do you do when you are looking for inspiration? I know that sometimes I find myself passively scrolling through 2-dimensional websites of information that seem interesting to me. It’s when I dig through my pile of notebooks I have filled and open up a page that my mind is unleashed. It really isn’t a difficult concept to understand why it’s easier for me to find inspiration for a blog post, a meditative starting point, a business idea, a design for a homemade birthday card. The scribblings that chronicle my life’s thoughts and events are already my own words, my own thoughts. It’s the best way to find something that truly resonates with me, because I already own it. Compiling the words, images, sounds, and feelings I encounter each and every day gives me the tools to paint the canvas I need to feel inspired each and every day.

Two weeks ago, I had dinner with a colleague, and he asked me who I consider to be one of the most successful people in the world. My first reaction was, “well, my definition of ‘success’ changes with the tides…” But then to humor him, I said, Oprah. The next question posed to me was, “What’s so different about her?” It wasn’t that she faced adversity when she was young. It’s that she’s unreasonable. The most successful people are the most unreasonable. Those words hit me in the gut. It makes sense. It’s not worth reinventing the wheel– not for the inventor nor for the investor. It takes finding the inspiration that your life has gifted you– not the inspiration that you seek– to be successful at your business. Listen to your surroundings to figure out how to leverage your resources, and be unreasonably eager and determined to make whatever it is work.

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Win 30 Days of Virtual Support for Your Startup or Idea on Twitter @RobertJBraathe

Use #BraatheVirtual on Twitter before 4/1 and answer the question “Why is your startup amazing?”.  We will pick 3 winners to receive 30 days of support from our virtual consulting team.

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Braathe Enterprises Provides Business Growth Brainstorming and Staffing Plan Advice to Startups and Growing Businesses

Recently, Braathe Enterprises met with senior management of organizations in the Capital Region to help them plan out strategic growth for their teams.  We discussed ways we can assist with recruiting, how to grow a team from 10 to 30 employees and develop how to train internal candidates for promotions, as well as effective ways to search externally for candidates.

We are delighted to follow the progress of these organizations as they grow their teams and look forward to working with them again to provide their existing and new employees with customer service training, on boarding and management and leadership skills training.

Braathe Enterprises has offices in Saratoga Springs and Latham, NY, and we can also come on site to visit you in the Capital Region.  We also have worked with clients in Boston, Nashville and the DC area including Silver Spring, MD for on-site and hybrid (combination of face to face and online) training.

Contact us at or schedule a time to speak with us at or give us a a call at 518-290-0812

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You can’t do it all on your own

One of the organizations with which I work is a non-profit organization. I’ve been affiliated with the organization for three years now, working very closely with the director. Her background is in investment banking, and let me tell you: she knows how to raise money and she knows how to build a great strategy. However, she is the first to admit that doing that work for the organization she founded is much more difficult that doing it for others. As an outsider, it’s very easy to see what is going on, but when it’s your own company, things aren’t so easy.

There’s a question we use often: What’s the 30,000 foot view? In other words, “let’s step away from the small issues that are tripping us up and see how they fit into the big picture.” Stepping back allows a team to evaluate the progress it is or isn’t making. How do you define progress? Deadlines. Hard deadlines with real deliverables. What’s the best way to produce solid deliverables? Teamwork. Divide, conquer, reconvene. It’s really important to make sure that the goals and objectives are clear before the team splits to accomplish various tasks. It becomes so difficult to get out of the weeds once a team has been in there too long, so the best way is to always have someone playing devil’s advocate and pulling the team out when it starts to lose focus. The person who may need this most is the founder and/or director of an organization. That’s because everything can be exciting and painful at the same time. It becomes very hard to manage something when everything feels like a top priority. So, get your team together, make a list of priorities that fit the team’s goals, and strategize how to get there the most efficiently. No time like the present.

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