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Braathe Enterprises designs and delivers customized training for you and your business.

Robert Braathe, MBA has management experience with Walt Disney World Parks & Resorts, Gap Retail and Apple, Inc.

He teaches courses including Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources and Marketing at Schenectady County Community College, Hudson Valley Community College, SUNY Cobleskill and SUNY Adirondack.

Previously, he also has taught courses at Skidmore College, SUNY Delhi, Mildred Elley, Housatonic Community College and Fulton-Montgomery Community College

Michelle Przedwiecki, MPH, joined Braathe Enterprises in 2013 to bring curriculum development experience to the team. She co-teaches a number of courses with Robert and teaches Introduction to Business at SUNY Adirondack.

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Braathe Facilitates Executive Committee Retreat and Team Building Event in Colorado

Robert Braathe was the facilitator a hospitality management executive committee retreat in the Denver, CO area this week at a 500 + room ski resort hotel in Eagle County.

At the business retreat, Robert facilitated discussions to help the team grow together, set short term and long term goals and timelines and interact with one another on a more personal level.

Activities included 5-7 minute persuasive presentations, a collaboration activity to share what each member was working on and what they needed assistance with, and brainstorming sessions on various aspects of the company that the team wanted to change or see continuous improvement.

Following this training, each participant will have 3 15-minute phone calls over 3 months to work with Robert individually on topics such as hospitality, human resources, marketing, labor scheduling and business communications.

Robert visited the cities of Avon, Aurora, Denver and Vail in Colorado and Milwaukee, Fort Atkinson and Chicago during his trip and looks forward to returning again in the near future.

If you would like Robert to come facilitate your next management retreat, contact us at or schedule a consultation at


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Your Start is Our Art at Braathe Enterprises

Your Start is Our Art

Do you want to launch your career?  Relaunch a career?  Launch a new career?  Take one of our customized business classes, or if you are in school, participate in our virtual internship program

Do you want to launch a business?  Work with our Source of Innovation virtual team to get intellectual capital into your business through our consulting and training options for entrepreneurs.

Contact us today by scheduling a courtesy call at

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What is needed to be an entrepreneur

by Jessica Wilkinson

An entrepreneur is a person that organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk or an employer of productive labor or contractor (
Becoming an entrepreneur is a big step in someone’s career and not a step to take lightly if one is considering this as a career option. According to, there are 25 characteristic and behavioral type necessities for a person considering entrepreneurship. While these are not actual requirements, they do help to determine your success and drive in pursuing goals. The requirements are as follows:
Do what you enjoy, otherwise, the challenges you will face may not seem worth the trouble and chances of success will decrease.
Take what you do seriously, if you do not believe in yourself or your product then neither will your potential customers; stay motivated, stay focused, and stay strong in your convictions.
Plan everything, analyze the entire situation, figure out what works and what does not, and then create a plan that will map out your goals for success. Note, this is not a static process; it is an ongoing practice that will assist a business owner in determining the current environment of the business.
Manage money wisely by keeping the cash flowing and keeping the bills paid, also, pay yourself and your employees and that expenses do not exceed the cash flow amount.
Ask for the sale, a business owner must have the product or service needed by a customer but they also have to ask for the sale, actively seeking out customers is an important element in receiving customers.
Remember it’s all about the customer, focus your efforts on their needs, know who they are, design your business around them.
Become a shameless self-promoter (without becoming obnoxious), use social media, word of mouth, family and friends, and network with influential people to get word out about your product or service.
Project a positive business image, whether it be in an actual office or inside your home, make sure your business has a professional image.
Get to know your customers, give them personalized attention, and make them feel like they are not just another number in a queue; they will appreciate the effort.
Level the playing field with technology; learn about your options, use them to your advantage, and figure out which of your available options best fit your needs.
Build a top-notch business team, use knowledgeable family members, friends, suppliers, business alliances, employees, sub-contractors, industry and business associations, local government and the community, as well as the most important team members, which are your customers or clients.
Become known as an expert, know your product or service, be the person that someone in need will seek out, and then make sure your work reflects your expertise.
Create a competitive advantage; create some method or reason that customers should choose you over your competitors be it a great product or service with even greater prices or a great product or service with the best customer service and follow-up ever offered.
Invest in yourself, continue to learn about business and your field, attend business seminars, network with other skilled professional people, and understand that learning is an ongoing process because environments are always changing.
Be accessible to people that want to do business with you, help them by making it easy to choose you as the business that they want to give their money. People are getting used to getting what they want when they want it and if you do not deliver then someone else will.
Build a rock-solid reputation by doing what you say you are going to do and doing it well, give customers a reason to trust your word and an incentive to spread a positive review.
Sell benefits; realize that customers want to know that they aren’t just getting a product, they are purchasing a product that will make some aspect of their life easier or better.
Get involved; supporting the community that supports you is always a good business move. Join groups that improve your community, get to know fellow community members, be a respected member of your community.
Grab attention by managing promotional funds wisely and use it to grow your business.
Master the art of negotiations; aim to create win-win situations that will create mutual satisfaction and long term, profitable business relationships.
Design your workspace for success; make certain that your business space is conducive to business activities and not personal or family activities.
Get and stay organized by creating a system that helps you to accomplish as much as possible in a given period. Reduce clutter, keep an active to do list, use one calendar, and create a routine in order to maximize your time.
Take time off so you can be the best entrepreneur you can be, everyone needs time to rejuvenate.
Limit the number of hats you wear by delegating certain tasks to others, trying to do everything yourself is difficult but it also takes away from your time to take care of important business matters.
Follow-up constantly with your customers so as to gain repeat customers, retaining customers is much more difficult than trying to sell once. Everything that your business does contributes to the likelihood of a repeat customer.

Stephenson, James. (2015). 25 Common Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs. Retrieved April 17, 2015 from

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Savvy Companies Hire Autistic Adults

by Makeda Heard

Savvy companies have a diverse workforce. A diverse workforce that is all inclusive includes people with disabilities. The great financial software giant SAP headquartered in Germany is one of those savvy companies that hire autistic adults. Aspiritech, Freddie Mac, the nonPareil Institute, Semperical and the Specialists Guild are other savvy companies that employ autistic adults. SAP reserves 1% of its workforce (650 positions) for autistic employees.

SAP has partnered with Specialisterne an agency that specializes in connecting autistic adults with employers. Autistic adults may find help with finding employment through Seeds for Autism and Ocatecliffs. These agencies help adults who have Asperger’s syndrome or Autism find employment.


Ocate Cliffs: Ocate Cliffs

Seeds for Autism: Seeds for Autism

Shumaker, L. (2013, May 24) 5 companies that leverage the unique talents of people with autism. San Francisco Chronicle.

Wang, S. (2014, Mar 27) How autism can help you land a job. Wall Street Journal

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