Get Customized Training and Project Management for You and Your Business

Braathe Enterprises works with students from over 100 colleges and high schools around the world to provide them professional experience and to provide you with professional business services, training and project management.

The questions you ask:

Can I learn about business in a customized way?
Can you teach a class or assist me with curriculum development?
Can you manage my projects?
Can you teach me about human resources, marketing, or project management?
Can you come to my home or business in Saratoga, Schenectady or Troy and give me advice and guidance on my website, business plan, marketing plan or hiring needs?

The answer we give:

518-290-0812 Main Number 203-770-2686 CT 407-900-1217 FL 615-369-6195 TN

Robert Braathe has management experience with Walt Disney World Parks & Resorts, Gap Retail and Apple, Inc. He has taught at several colleges including Skidmore College, SUNY Delhi, and Schenectady County Community College

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Braathe Enterprises Creates Year End Contest for Capital Region Startups and Not-For-Profits

Braathe Enterprises has launched a year end contest called BEBetter to assist a company within 50 miles of Saratoga Springs, NY with customized training and consulting for their organization.

Robert Braathe, founder of Braathe Enterprises, launched this initiative to give organizations a “semester-long” opportunity to bring a customized training solution into their organization.

To enter this contest, visit

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Albany and Saratoga – Your Business Needs a Project Manager or Subcontractor

Whether you are based in Troy, Schenectady, Albany, Saratoga Springs, Clifton Park or areas in between, Braathe Enterprises team of project managers can support you in your human resources, education and training needs.

Contact us today at 518-290-0812 and we will get back to you with ways we can collaborate!

Recent projects have included representing companies at career fairs, finding candidates, training for staff, and curriculum development.

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Braathe Develops Customized Customer Service Training for Albany area Hospitality Business

Braathe Enterprises recently met with an Upstate New York hospitality business to discuss ways to improve customer service.  Using a program Braathe has used in the past, we developed a customized 4 part classroom series on a bi weekly basis that will provide 35 employees with a clear focus on customer service.

The customer service training program will be offered exclusively to members of this organization at their place of business.

Contact us at or 518-290-0812 to design and teach a program at your company or business.

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