What Can We offer you?


Job Training for your Business

Customized training for you and your business.

Project management to save you time and energy.

Project management to save you time and energy.

We are here because the world needs heroes.

Be a hero today with Braathe Enterprises’ assistance by:

Call us at 518-290-0812 or email us at info@braatheenterprises.com to start the conversation
Offices in Saratoga Springs / Albany NY and Nashville, TN

Create T.E.M.P.O Creating Time, Energy, Money, Power and Opportunity for your Organization

We Help You Create: Time, Energy, Money, Power, Opportunity

Your Start is Our Art – Entrepreneur Support – Business of Science – Start Your Career

Start a Business – Start Learning – Start or Launch A New Career

Source of I – Innovation – Inspiration – Insights

Innovation – Inspiration – Insights – Your Source for Success

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