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Braathe Enterprises designs and delivers customized training for you and your business.

Robert Braathe, MBA has management experience with Walt Disney World Parks & Resorts, Gap Retail and Apple, Inc.

He teaches courses including Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources and Marketing at Schenectady County Community College, Hudson Valley Community College, SUNY Cobleskill and SUNY Adirondack.

Previously, he also has taught courses at Skidmore College, SUNY Delhi, Mildred Elley, Housatonic Community College and Fulton-Montgomery Community College

Michelle Przedwiecki, MPH, joined Braathe Enterprises in 2013 to bring curriculum development experience to the team. She co-teaches a number of courses with Robert and teaches Introduction to Business at SUNY Adirondack.

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Braathe October Speaking and Training Tour Visits Nashville, Rochester, DC, Philadelphia

Robert Braathe will be on a speaking and business training tour October 8th through 14th.  Time slots still available during his stops in cities below:

October 8th – Rochester, NY and Cincinnati, OH

October 9th – Louisville, KY – Nashville, TN

October 10th – 12th – Nashville, TN

October 13th – Nashville, TN – Washington, DC

October 14th – Philadelphia, PA – Saratoga Springs, NY

To schedule a time to speak to Robert about visiting your business during this trip, visit or call him at 518-290-0812

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Do you value your net worth over your network?

Campaign season is in full swing, and so of course, candidates are being compared on just about every aspect of both their political platforms and personal affiliations. We recently came across an infographic, thanks to a contributor, that compares the net worth of some of the presidential candidates, as well as the net worth of historical presidents. The conclusions in the infographic may be surprising to some viewers, but what we couldn’t stop thinking about after seeing the infographic was how their net worth may be relevant and telling, but what really is relevant and telling is each candidate’s and past president’s network. Their dollar value isn’t what got them to where they are, even if it has helped. It’s the people with whom they surround and associate themselves that allowed their ideas to be heard and demonstrate their leadership.
The dollar value of presidential candidates and CEOs alike certainly can illustrate the individual’s prominence in society, but their network of people and communities is really want defines the individual at the end of the day. No one has gotten to where he or she is today alone- and so to isolate the net worth from the network really just isn’t accurate! Granted, it probably is easier to focus on building a net worth than on fostering relationships because we can immediately see the results of the hard work in dollar signs, commas, and decimals. But, the network is what will sustain us through the financial ups and downs (also remember that just the way your net worth can fluctuate, your network can weaken or strengthen depending on how much effort you put into maintaining and fostering the relationships you have.) So, although your network isn’t measurable, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be working hard to build it every day. Keeping in mind that networking is not only about putting yourself ahead but also about developing mutual, fruitful relationships will strengthen those around you, which in turn will help you, too.
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10 Reasons You Should Have An Outside Company Train For You

“According to The American Society for Training and Development companies that undergo comprehensive training have a 24 percent higher profit margin.”

1. Effective Training and Development Techniques

An outside trainer provides employees the necessary skills to better serve customers and enhance product development. An outside trainer may use team based exercises which will motivate employees and increase productivity in the workplace. The outside trainer also has technical skills that are fundamental for innovating technology platforms.

2. Insight

An outside trainer can provide strategic tools to help the company grow and advise upper management different ways to handle business functions that relate to the company’s vision and mission statement that may be overlooked.

3. Off Job Training

Outside trainers can have employees attend seminars and conferences to develop new ways to approach and handle issues that need to be resolved. Employees can focus on target points in their department such as HR, Marketing and Technology after learning advanced techniques.

4. Solve a Company Problem

Outside training can examine the company culture and increase employee relations within departments and upper management. If there is a communication dilemma or busy workload for employees this can be resolved.

5. Organizational Change

Outside trainers can work with the employees to provide feedback and reinforcement for the managers. So as a company they can change their current business strategy to become effective and increase performance.

6. Competitive Edge

Outside trainers can provide continuous training to employees that would keep employees ahead of the changing industry. Offering employees a new computer system or software, marketing strategy, and building infrastructure for customer relations to become a leader in the business market.

7. Customer Service Training

Outside trainers can provide employees with role playing scenarios and techniques to best serve customers and interact with them to build customer relations.

8. Time Management

When working in any company managers and employees don’t have enough time to receive the proper training to be effective. Outside trainers allows managers to boost productivity and increase skills throughout all departments and still provide training to employees.

9. Enrich Culture

Training allows employees and managers to focus on their company culture and provide a better understanding of who they are and their values as a company.

10. Productivity

Training boosts productivity within employees which will increase profits and employee skills. Employees will become empowered and want to work together to solve company problems and be motivated. After training, employees will have set goals and objectives that focuses on the company’s vision.

When a business hires an outside company to train employees it will benefit the company’s productivity and increase customer satisfaction and profitability. Learn more about having an outside company train for your company at

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Fall Back in Love with Your Business Today With a Business Consultant at Braathe Enterprises

To me, the first day of fall is one of my favorite days of the year.  I love fall for the change of seasons, the beautiful colors here in Upstate New York, the beginning of football and the approach of post-season baseball.

Have you fallen out of love with your business?  Do you need a little inspiration or push to get your business out of a rut?  Schedule a 30-60 minute consultation at your office with me and lets talk about ways you can fall back in love with your business again.

Things we can discuss

– reconnecting or connecting with and engaging customers

– learning something new

– dusting off a business plan or idea you’ve been sitting on.

Join me for a 30 minute session for $75 or a 60 minute session for $150 at your place of business, and we’ll get you started on a new season of success for your business.

Offer expires 10/31/2015.  

Contact me at 518-290-0812 or schedule a time to speak with me at

Robert Braathe

Founder, Braathe Enterprises

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