We start companies, facilitate training, and launch careers

Braathe Enterprises offers business services including:

TEMPO Business Training – customized training classes and workshops for you and your company / not-for-profit / team

BEYourStart  – accelerator and consultant services supporting start-ups from the very first idea to successful launch and beyond

The Career Service Station  – resume assistance; LinkedIn connection assistance, profile enhancements, management; career advice

Setup a scheduled 15-30 minute free consultation to get a quote for your next project or training http://meetme.so/RobertBraathe

Time to visit us at the Braathe Enterprises “Career Service Station” to get your resume oil change, cover letter oil change and LinkedIn tuneup – contact us at hr@braatheenterprises.com

Founded 2005

Call us at 518-290-0812 or email us at info@braatheenterprises.com