2028 – Braathe Enterprises Buys Tampa Bay Rays and moves them to Albany

We have a dream to move the Rays to Albany in 2028 when their lease is up.  As an avid baseball fan, and an entrepreneurship, marketing and human resources professor, it would be a dream to bring Major League Baseball to the Capital Region.

Despite the smaller television market, smaller metropolitan area, and weather, there are a lot of pluses to the Rays from a marketing and attendance perspective to move here.

1.  9 games each with the Red Sox, Yankees and Orioles, which will sell out (if we build a 50,000 seat stadium, that means 1,350,000 guaranteed ticket sales)

2.  With secondary markets of Syracuse and Springfield being within two hours of Albany, the metro area grows to over 2 million residents as of this time.  By 2028, that may be grow even larger.

3. With Albany being the capital of New York and downtown needing a boost, the 81 games a year in Albany will create more benefits for the city including food and beverage sales, concerts at this new stadium and other potential events.

4. Nashville, TN has a large metropolitan area that supports a National Football League Team.  Albany does not yet have a national sports franchise, so buy having one we could put all of our resources into it.

5. With potential corporate sponsors in the area like GE, Quirky, Global Foundries, Fuccillo Automotive, Price Chopper, and the like, there would be plenty of opportunity to have advertisers and promotions with these companies located within miles of the stadium.

Are you in?  Are you listening Mr Sternberg?  I’ll be ready when you are!  RJB Stadium is waiting to be built!

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