The Team

Robert Braathe is the founder of Braathe Enterprises, serving as a business trainer and leader of the Virtual Internship Program. After working in management positions with Walt Disney World, Gap and Apple, Mr. Braathe founded his company in October 2005 in CT. Mr. Braathe has taught at Skidmore College, SUNY Delhi, and three area community colleges in courses that include hospitality, management, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Mr. Braathe received his MBA from Western Connecticut State University and his Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality from UMass. In addition, he has taken PhD level courses from The University at Albany and Northcentral University.

Robert is a member of the board of advisors for Gray and Associates, and a former board member and past president at The Consulting Alliance.


Our Team

Innovation depends on diversity, and customized solutions need more than one specialist. We believe, that every team member’s special background introduces a new perspective on the project. That’s why we put diverse team work at the center of our services. At Braathe enterprises, staff from the project management, HR, marketing and webdesign department work together under Robert’s supervision. This way, your project doesn’t just benefit from one, but rather from multiple perspectives and backgrounds.

We also allow interns to work in a majority of our projects. Our interns come from all over the place, such as New York, Texas, and even Germany! They commit 8-10 hours each work to honing their skills and working in teams for projects. We are proud of the work they do! Want to learn more about our internship program?

Below is a map showing where our talented interns live!

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