Braathe Business Class Schedule at Colleges and Universities – Fall 2015
Braathe Business Class Schedule at Colleges and Universities – Fall 2015

Looking to take a college class with Robert Braathe? Here is his schedule for Fall 2015.

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Online – Schenectady County Community College Course #90231

MGT242 Entrepreneurship – This course gives students a comprehensive overview of the management of small and entrepreneurial ventures. Topics covered include pursuing franchising and existing business opportunities, creating a business plan, exploring target markets, developing the right marketing mix, pricing and credit strategies, selling, and effective customer service. In addition, the course also reviews understanding and managing start-up, fixed and variable costs, managing risk, operating for success, location, facilities and layout, human resources and management, leadership, and ethical practices. PR/CR: MGT 123

Monday and Wednesdays 10am-11:15am – Schenectady County Community College Course #91180

MGT123 Introduction to BusinessThis introductory course gives students a broad overview of the contemporary world of business. It reviews social, economic, legal, and political forces of the global economy that influence a business manager’s role and decisions. Topics include fundamentals of business and economics, business ethics/social responsibility, competing in global markets, forms of business ownership, starting and growing a business, management, marketing (product, distribution, promotion, and pricing strategies), and managing technology and information.

Mondays 6pm-9pm – Schenectady County Community College Course #90838

MGT127 Human Resource Management – This course focuses on contemporary theory and practices relating to the management of people. Topics covered include meeting human resource challenges, managing work flows, conducting job analysis, understanding equal opportunity and the legal environment, managing diversity, recruiting/selecting employees, managing separations and downsizing, managing performance, and training. In addition, the course reviews managing compensation, rewarding performance, designing and administering benefits, developing employee relations, and managing discipline.

Tuesdays 8am-9:15am (Hybrid Course) – SUNY Cobleskill Course #20285

BADM 249 – Management – A second year level course designed for students with a special interest in management. The course assimilates previous learning and presents more advanced techniques, examines the most modern and advanced managerial and administrative principles and theories, and applies these to the solutions of incidents, case studies and actual business situations.

Tuesdays 9:30am-10:45am (Hybrid Course) – SUNY Cobleskill Course #21310

BADM 137 – Professional Selling – An analysis of personal salesmanship with particular reference to the behavioral sciences and time management as they apply to the professional salesperson. Practical application is included with the preparation and execution of sales presentations.

Thursdays 7:50am-10:50 AM – Hudson Valley Community College TEC-Smart, Malta NY (only open to Clean Tech Early College High School students)

ENTR 110 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship – This course explores the dimensions of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship by studying processes that challenge existing models and pave the way for original solutions to problems or opportunities in any field. The focus is in stimulating creative thinking to generate ideas that may be implemented in the form of a new business venture. Students are encouraged to dream and think boldly and to move beyond traditional solutions towards innovation. Innovation is the conversion of knowledge and ideas into a benefit, either for commercial use or for the public good. This course explores the role of innovation in creating new or improved products, processes, or services. Further, students will explore the entrepreneurial process of creating value through the application of creativity and innovation through the introduction of systematic ways to more effectively find creative solutions.

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