Consulting Quickbooks customers and clients

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Active user of Quickbooks Online for Mac for business – Saratoga Springs, NY

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Recent Experience

Quickbooks for Mac 2014 – convert to Quickbooks online and set up Square register integration

Quickbooks for Mac 2011 – setup and training for a real estate company and law office – Capital District – NY

Quickbooks for Mac 2011 – Workshop and Tutorial for business clients in Round Lake, NY

Quickbooks 2003 on PC – conversion to Quickbooks 2007 on Mac – Seattle, WA (remotely via FTP)

Quickbooks 2006 on PC – conversion to Quickbooks 2008 on Mac – Ballston Lake, NY

Quickbooks 2009 on Mac – file conversion and restore – Albany, NY

Quickbooks 2003 on PC – Lake George, NY

Quickbooks 2008 on Mac – link file to Aatrix payroll program and setup of labor accounts, corrective journal entries – Mechanicville, NY

Quickbooks 2004 on PC – conversion to Quickbooks 2009 on Mac – Schenectady, NY