Comprehensive Curriculum Consultants

Using our collaborative expertise in both business and education, we can help you to design a custom curriculum to suit the needs of your company, school, or program.

Designing comprehensive programs that maximize your potential by helping create tomorrow’s leaders with a focus on ethical decision making, sustainable systems and room for future growth.

Built into every curriculum are team-building, problem-solving and critical thinking exercises that focus on the entrepreneurial spirit.

Comprehensive Services:

  • Research existing programs and identify potential partners
  • Prepare Marketing materials and handle program registration
  • Establish course structure and policies
  • Create assessments that fit the learning standards and objectives of the course
  • Identify data points to create reports that assess growth and effectiveness.

Curriculum Development:

Development of curriculum materials and deliverables for:

  • 2-3 day workshops
  • continuing education
  • online courses
  • semester or year-long courses

Incorporate the appropriate use of technology

Designed to meet the needs of students with multiple learning styles

Use problem-solving, critical thinking, and team-building exercises

Program Implementation:

  • Deliver Workshops either in person or via distance education,


  • Optimization of Resources (Help you develop your best resource: your human and intellectual capital by finding the right staff to deliver your program

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