Projects Our Team at Braathe Enterprises Can Work on For You

Since 2011, our virtual team of professionals, freelancers, college apprentices and interns have worked on a variety of projects. Here are some examples of the projects we’ve worked on, and capabilities of our current team in project management in the Albany / Saratoga Springs area, Westchester County and Fairfield County and online:

Assessment and Evaluation – Tools
Blogging Advice and Blog Writing
Business and Organizational Communications
Business Research
Change Management
Classroom Teaching – Business
Classroom Teaching – Hospitality
Classroom Teaching – Science
Content Creation
Creating Excel models and presentations
Curriculum Design
Curriculum Development
Customized Business Training
Data interpretation and analysis
Digital Marketing
Formatting and cleaning Excel models
Graphic Design
Financial Modeling
Financial Research
Healthy Homes – Greening Your Home
Hospitality Management
Instructional Design
Meeting Facilitation
Mock Interviews
Online Learning
Organizational Behavior
Payroll and Accounting
Personal Business Training
Project Management
Project and other Microsoft Office tools
Public Relations
Questionnaire Development
Resume Review, Editing and Writing
Scheduling – Labor and Project
Screening and Pre-screening candidates and interns
Scientific Research Reviews
Social Media Advisement
Supply Chain Management
Syllabus Writing
Translation from Mandarin to English
Web Design


For a proposal or a consultation on the services we can offer, or for assistance with a service you don’t see listed here, contact us for recommendations at or 518-290-0812