The Friday Facilitated Finish – Tips for Finishing Projects and Implementing Ideas

Do you have projects you’ve started but can’t seem to finish?

Do you have ideas you want to implement but haven’t taken the risk?

If so, join The Friday Facilitated Finish, debuting this week (February 1), from Braathe Enterprises. The Friday Facilitated Finish is available in 15-30 minute increments via phone/Skype or 50-90 minutes on-site at your office or an invite-only meet up.

We will facilitate discussions with you and/or your teammates/colleagues to end your work week with a strong finish.

Contact me on Fridays for advice on how to get those projects properly planned and implement your ideas. Choose from meeting in groups or one on one to get the assistance your business needs.

Held at invite-only locations in Upstate NY and via phone call at

For more information on Robert Braathe and Braathe Enterprises, visit