Turn Your Training into Hybrid or eLearning For You and Your Business

Are you tired of sitting in a classroom for all of your training?

Turn to Braathe Enterprises to take your fully classroom based training into a hybrid or eLearning format.  We can take a full-day program you’d traditionally run and turn it into a 4 part series over 8 weeks, while delivering online content to supplement the work in the classroom.

If you prefer learning completely online, we can design and deliver new training material or take your existing material and develop it into rich online content ready for delivery, anytime and anywhere.

Contact us today to put together some options for making your training more exciting and more engaging for you and your team

robert@braatheenterprises.com or call 518-290-0812.  Or, schedule a call at http://meetme.so/RobertBraathe