Braathe Enterprises welcomes you to the Virtual Blog Project!

With a focus on education and practical experience, Braathe Enterprises is a consulting firm in Saratoga Springs, NY that provides project management in business, marketing and human resources to a variety of entrepreneurs and companies.

In an effort to engage young professionals transitioning into full-time careers, Braathe Enterprises hosts a virtual internship program, virtual business advisor competition, as well as online courses in Marketing, Business Management, and Human Resources.

This website features a blog featuring young professionals with interests in public relations, marketing, human resources, accounting, business, and much more. Feel free to browse the posts and share your expertise on a variety of topics by leaving a comment. Braathe Enterprises Virtual Internship program participants, alumni, and guests are encouraged to use this website and its resources to complete projects and stay up-to-date with program opportunities.

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