Social Media Marketing, is it worth it? Yes!

Marketing can seem expensive and difficult at first, with tons of different avenues to choose from. television, social media, road signs—which one is the best? For startups, a good option is social media. Audience Social media provides an expansive outlet to different audiences. It is most effective when purchasing ads from the platform itself. These platforms […]

Marketing Concentrations – The Best Fit for You

Choosing a major is a task that many college students struggle to complete. With so many options and varying levels of experience in each subject, it is often easy for the student to feel like they are making the wrong decision. In Marketing, even when you select your major, there are many different routes that […]

The Formula for a Successful Startup

  There are many startups that succeed but some, unfortunately, do end up failing. In order to avoid this from happening, it must be determined what is the perfect formula and method for a near-perfect, successful startup? Let’s dive in!      1. PLAN, PLAN, PLAN To be successful in the business world and to […]

Dealing with Conflicts at the Workplace

  “You are wrong, and your point is stupid!” This is the easiest way to get into conflict with coworkers. Conflicts on the job can create a hostile work environment. In a hostile work environment, the issue can spread far and wide which often decreases productivity. Employers frown-upon a decrease in productivity due to personal […]