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Choosing a major is a task that many college students struggle to complete. With so many options and varying levels of experience in each subject, it is often easy for the student to feel like they are making the wrong decision. In Marketing, even when you select your major, there are many different routes that you can choose to go. Below, some of the popular areas of Marketing have been described in hopes of clearing up the confusion that commonly occurs amongst college students making the decision of choosing a major and concentration.

rev B2B-MarketingBusiness to Business Marketing
This form of marketing allows students to learn how to succeed in presenting their product into other large businesses. There is an emphasis on selling a large quantity of the product, but the sales pitch is presented to a small group of higher ups in the customer company. These meetings may also discuss deals on prices, so it is important for the individual to have a full understanding of how much profit their employers expect. If you pursue this area, it is necessary for the individual to be knowledgeable on the product and both companies, excellent at persuasive communication methods, and confident in their abilities. This section of marketing is good for students that are interested in being the communicator between two professional groups, while also completing a sale successfully.

Promotional MarketingFileItem-66648-PromoMarketing2010logo
The job of a promotional marketer is to create a level of excitement around their product. Promotional Marketers are creative individuals that have a strong understanding of the cognitive behavior of consumers. An interest in psychology pairs well with this concentration. While other concentrations of marketing focus on gathering data, Promotional Marketers brings all the research together to create content that appeals to their target market.

Marketing Research and AnalyticsMarketing Research and Analytics
Although many areas of marketing require an amount of math, this is arguably the most quantitative portion of marketing. Professors usually recommend that students who display an interest in math and statistics see Marketing Research and Analysis as an option for themselves. With this concentration, the student could have a future in which they would be gathering data on consumers, competitors, prices, and other key elements of marketing to create reports with accurate information to present to their employer, coworkers, and even their industry as a whole. They would create, conduct, and evaluate studies so they could best make recommendations to the rest of the team.

Sports MarketingsAQT4p-X
The specific topic of sports marketing encompasses a lot of the tasks presented in the other concentrations of marketing, but it teaches the student to market and work with a specific audience. There is a focus on creating and maintaining brand image. Those with an interest in sports and the events that are incorporated do well in this area, but there is also a need for the marketer to be willing to study the behavior of the fans and possibly change their previous beliefs about what would fit the needs of the fans. Negotiations with sponsors would also fall into the responsibilities of a sports marketer.

Sales is a popular career choice, and is sometimes seen as a branch of marketing, but other times it is categorized as its own major. Either way, there are elements of sales that appeal to those in the marketing field, so it is an option to consider. Sales has similar qualities to Business to Business Marketing, but pitches are made more frequently to a civilian customer as opposed to a corporation. Good communication to a specific individual and the ability to establish trust and maintain relationships with customers are all important in this field. Sales is appealing to those that have characteristics of an extrovert, as you get to talk to many different people everyday. An individual pursuing a career should enjoy an ever changing schedule, as the amount of sales made and the customers they deal with shift everyday.


Marketing can be a challenging field to completely understand. The different options in the field can get very specific, and more often than not, a Marketer is asked by their employers to be comfortable with multiple areas. Job positions usually offer a lot of crossover between these various concentrations.

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