Ways to Reduce Stress in College

Someone once said, “When shifts and transitions in life shake you to the core, see that as a sign of the greatness that’s about to occur.” It’s true; when students graduate from high school and are on the threshold of college, they have a volatile mental set up, causing a great deal of anxiety and stress. Lets face it – college is not that fantasy which we imagine it to be. Long hours of classes, never ending assignments and recurring midterms seem to suck the life out of you. Here’s a list of the different things that you can do, to de stress in college and take tasks as they come up, in a positive way!


66052d1ea8978e6fd881faa7c3b2cb5a--sleep-well-smiley-faces1) SLEEP WELL

Sleeping late at night or after sun rise might seem like a cool thing to do when you enter college. However, this practice takes a toll on both your health and academics which you realize later on. Studies prove that seven to nine hours of sleep are essential for adults, ignoring this necessity causes a person becomes prone to serious health conditions like depression, sleep apnea and diabetes. Also, sleeping at odd hours disturbs the alignment of our inner clock with the sun and does not allow us to function efficiently. You tend to oversleep, bunk classes and in severe situations miss out on midterms and assignments.


2) EXERCISE exercise-pbe6x7

When you have a great deal of homework and assignments due soon and you haven’t started studying for your midterm happening the next day, taking a stroll nearby or exercising would be the last thing on your mind. What we don’t realize is the short break that we take when we study (like a quick Netflix session) makes your brain even more tired. What we need in these intervals is a bit of fresh air. Taking a relaxing walk around campus or enjoying the weather outside actually brings a great deal of calmness to the body. Just 20 mins of physical activity can reduce stress levels so start switching your Netflix sessions to outdoor activity!



College is like a hungry monster that consumes all your time and at the end of your day all you want to do is sleep. In this exhausting routine we often sacrifice our hobbies. This is something which we should never let go off. Many of us are passionate about drawing, singing, hiking, surfing, etc. but don’t use these interests to reduce the pressure college brings. Do not let college kill your leisure pursuits. Our hobbies and passions are activities that can help relive stress during difficult times, so we should make a conscious effort to allocate time and do what we like. This helps to our brain to calm down and nerves to relax. Doing what you like gives you mental peace and provides happiness. So, next time you do not know what to do to pass your time, recall your childhood hobbies!


dance-and-music-22514) LISTEN TO MUSIC AND DANCE

Blasting your favorite album and dancing like a maniac might see like the wildest idea in the world, but doing so on a night before you midterm is the best thing to do! When you feel like your studying is about to drive you insane, it’s not a bad idea to start blasting your playlists. Studies say that dancing and jumping around to music soothes your mind, improving your mental health and boosting your confidence. Music helps clear out our minds and divert it from the tedious thoughts looming within us. Dancing also increases physical activity which is required to prevent health conditions like obesity. Your most beloved artists are actually helping you relieve the built up stress levels in your body.


Explore-Tab5) EXPLORE

For some of us, college means starting new at a foreign city or sometimes country. A new place means that you have tons of places to explore and discover. What could be a better treat for your tired brain and body to enjoy the serene atmosphere of the beach? If you don’t live near the beach even a simple act like walking barefoot on the wet grass can make you feel euphoric. Trying out local cafes near your college, learning about the historic significance of an attraction near you, or even visiting museums and amusement parks are the best weekend plans any student can make. These places are cost effective and fun to visit with friends. Don’t wait for the right time, it’ll never come. Just make a quick plan and rush to the nearest place start exploring!

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