Intern Bios

The Braathe Enterprises Virtual Blog Project includes a variety of current college students and recent graduates who work together to manage and publish this virtual blog.

Amber Holt
Amber is studying Management and Society with a minor in Public Policy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is currently serving as a mentor at Braathe Enterprises and hopes to pursue a career in Human Resource Management.

Aria Alexander
A sophomore following a pre-med coursework at Princeton University, Aria is interning at Braathe Enterprises hoping to learn more about HR, PR and marketing and also to improve her collaboration skills by working with other interns on various projects.

Cong Khoa “CK” Nguyen Vo
C.K. is an undergraduate studying International Business in Finland. His main career interest is related to project management, business development, gamification, marketing, course design, legal issue and public speaking/presentation.

Chad Wampler
Chad is majoring in Human Resource Management at Texas Woman’s University, and has recently been promoted to a Mentor position. He enjoys working on new projects for BE, along with attracting more talent to the organization.

Chengyan Lin

Chengyan is currently studying Instructional Design & Technology at the University of Tampa. He is very interested in Project Management and would love to have new connections in the field.

Gina Mai

Gina has a major in Cognitive Science from the University of Virginia. Thanks to her coursework, she has strong interests in human behavior and work environments.

Janice Leung
Janice is a graduate student studying Non-profit Management at Columbia University, looking to jump-start a career in human resources after graduation with the goals of continuously improving employee relations and ensuring ethical labor practice.

Jasmine Woodson
Jasmine is pursuing a Master’s in Human Resource Management. She is currently working as a Specialist for Human Resource and Benefits and preparing herself to become a HR manager or Director.

Madalina Sescu
Madalina is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Natural and Cultural Heritage Management at University College of Northern Denmark. She hopes while interning with Braathe Enterprises she will gain experience in HR, project management and marketing.

Mia Doan-Nguyen
Mia is a senior student at Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Finland. Interested in learning about people behaviors in entrepreneurial environment, she is looking for a position in HR field and dream to be a Recruitment Specialist.

Ming Ming Ong
Ming Ming is a senior at Union College, studying Economics with a minor in Japanese Language. She would love to continue to pursue areas such as marketing and public relations.

Nicole Olinger

Nicole is a student at Indiana State University. For the past 5 years she has been a Customer Service Representative. Her aim is to continue working in the Human Resources field.

Odalis Gonzalez
Odalis is a PhD student pursuing Industrial Organizational Psychology which concentrates in the area of Human Resources and recruiting. Her goal is to work for a consulting company and having her own real estate business. She’s also pursuing a real estate license and she’s in the beginning stages of taking the online course.

Sanja Rogovic
Sanja is a recent graduate of MBA Project Management program at Walden University, serving as a mentor at Braathe Enterprises.

Sha-Taisja Jones
Sha-Taisja is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management at UMass Amherst and has an associates degree in Business Administration at Holyoke Community College. She aspires to work in the fields of business and marketing and become a successful manager.

Trina Jackson
Trina is currently a Master’s degree student at Strayed University. She is working on a Master’s in Business Administration with a specialization in Human Resource Management, aiming to become an HR Consultant or HR Generalist.

Varun She
Varun has a Bachelor’s in Information Technology and is currently pursuing Master’s in Information Technology and Management. His previous working experience included project management and also web development with designing. He aims to become a Project Manager and IT Consultant.