Objectively Stating Opinions

Opinions are essentially a part of human nature. If gone about in the right way they can be constructive and beneficial. Other times, however, conflicts emerge from sharing them. This leads us to ask “how?”. How do we share our opinions without offending others? What most people don’t realize is that conflict can be avoided simply if the opinion is stated objectively.


The most important thing to remember with opinions is that everyone is entitled to their own. You may not believe theirs to be true, you may not even understand how someone could think in such a way, nevertheless they still have the right to have and share it.


When discussing any type of opinions, try to be as respectful as possible. You shouldn’t just assume and claim that yours is the right one and everyone else’s is wrong or doesn’t matter. Of course, stick with your own beliefs but that doesn’t mean disregard what other people may believe.


Having and sharing an opinion is one thing; trying to force it on others and claiming an opinion that differs from yours is wrong is a completely another story. The former can lead to a healthy, even interesting conversation. The latter, on the other hand, can cause conflicting arguments. It has been seen many times before in the world how opinions can create tension and problems. You, yourself have probably seen it happen in your personal life too and noticed that stating an opinion objectively could’ve avoided the whole mess.


As the old saying goes, “treat others how you want to be treated.” If you don’t want people stepping on what you think, telling you it’s wrong, don’t do it to them. Nobody likes being told that what they believe isn’t right, and they shouldn’t have to be told that, as long as they’re not hurting you or others with their opinions, why should you care if they think differently?


Another thing to keep in mind when sharing opinions is that it’s important to listen to other’s opinions as well as talk about your own. People are sometimes put on edge if they’re forced to only listen to what you have to say and not be able to get a single word in at all. This doesn’t mean you have to agree with them or even like what they’re saying but at least just hear them out, just as they did with you. This goes back to being respectful with them and treating them how you would like to be treated. In the end, everything ties in together.


opinionsOpinions can be great, they are ways for people to show who they are and what they believe in. Unfortunately, they have their downfalls. It can cause disagreements between people; whether it be on a small scale between two friends, or on a much larger scale between different masses of people. Either way, if opinions were stated objectively so that people didn’t get offended, a lot of conflicts would be avoided.


Just remember that opinions are not facts, don’t treat them as such.

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