Twitter Chats for Beginners

So you’ve finally went and joined the wonderful and wacky world of Twitter! Congrats and welcome to the club! So how can you turn yourself from a Twitter rookie to All-Star? Well you have to engage! One of the best ways to grow your following is by joining in on Twitter chats!


Twitter chats give you a chance to learn more about a topic while communicating with likeminded individuals who share a similar interest as you. Chats can range from internships, blogs, marketing to an event that a business is hosting. Following a chat is simple one can just follow the hashtag (#) or can login to a separate platform like Tweetdeck or Tubs where following the conversation is made a little easier. Joining in a twitter chat is a great way to learn more about an industry or topic that you’re curious about.


Participating in a Twitter chat gives you the opportunity to jump into conversations with other pros and students like yourself! It’s called social media so the basic point of being on Twitter is to be social! Engaging with others through a chat will increase your followers and give you some great new people to follow. Twitter is like a big ongoing conversation and it’s important to utilize the platform for conversations whether you’re a grad looking for a new job or a customer wanting to contact a business. The key to creating relationships is through engagement. The best brands are doing it and you should be to.


Your future mentor or employer could be the person hosting or actively involved in one of these chats. What better way to stand out than to show your knowledge and curiosity of a subject than through a twitter chat. If you are an aspiring social media pro this can show that you really are socially savvy and up-to-date on the latest trends. More and more twitter chats are emerging each day so the possibilities are endless. Connections that you make through a tweet chat can know someone who you might want to be in touch with that could lead to new opportunities.

Check a Chat Out!

Ask yourself what am I interested in? What topic would I like to learn more about and what topic would I have something to share about? I started getting involved in Twitter chats when I was in college. It was a great way to network and share my ideas about PR. So if you’re into PR, marketing and maybe just want to share a few laughs I’d check out these chats.

#Bareitall -Wednesdays at 2pm – ┬áThis chat is conducted by PR guy Jeff Barrett. Topics include pop culture, PR, Social Media, Sports and more. It’s a fun yet fast chat to join. Warning: Laughing will happen!

#PRStudChat -Follow @PRStudChat for schedule – This chat connects students to professionals in the public relations industry. It’s a great place to talk about internships and getting your first job with advice from people who have done it!

Now that you have the tools it’s time to get out there and start tweeting! You never know who you’re going to meet next! Who knows maybe next time you’ll be able to host your own!

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Dayna Lucio is a 2012 graduate of Central Michigan University with a B.A.A. in integrative public relations and minors in leadership and English. She has held internship positions in the public relations and entertainment industries and is a member of the PRSA Detroit chapter. Dayna's areas of interests include social media, agency, sports, entertainment and healthcare.

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