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Are You Effectively Managing Your Own Brand? 1

Your personal brand is your reputation, as a person both professionally and personally. It is how you are presenting yourself to the world, which is important because people believe what they perceive. That being said, how do people perceive you? This is critical to think about because whether or not your realize it, you have […]

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Personal Branding and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 2

The business world has changed dramatically due to technological advances and the emphasis on online social media the nation has experienced within the last few decades. Wireless Internet, compatible mobile devices, and instant access to information via search engines have brought about this idea of personal branding. Personal branding is the process of identifying, developing […]

Athletes Share More on Social Media 1

Public relations professionals and publicists beware—athletes have discovered Twitter! As dramatic as that sounds, the results of athletes sharing via this ever-growing social platform have mostly produced positive publicity for players who don’t experience as much mainstream coverage as football, basketball, and baseball stars, but have also produced many cautionary tales. Athletes Take to Social […]

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What Your Professional Headshot Says About You 1

When a potential employer visits your online profile, your headshot photo is usually the first impression of you that they will register. Your headshot will not only provide viewers with you face to associate with your brand, but it will also help them establish perceptions and opinions of its level of professionalism and your personality. […]

Build Your Personal Brand Online 3

After taking some time to discover what your personal brand is, you can now take the time to create an online presence to share your brand with potential clients and employers. An online presence is basically your online web activity. Whenever your name is entered within a search engine, all of your web activity like blogs and social media sites can […]

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