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Entrepreneurship: The Slow and Steady Approach

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Slow and steady wins the race”. But did you know that this phrase can apply to entrepreneurship? With the overwhelming success of created start-ups like the “yo” app and Facebook, it’s easy to forget the importance of employing a methodical approach and building a strong foundation for a start-up. According […]

6 Steps to Entrepreneurship for College Students

Have you ever thought about starting¬†your own business,¬†but the idea of owning your own business business seems so overwhelming that you give up before you get started? You may be thinking, “I’m still in college, how can I start a business?” STOP! According to Mark Kohler of Entrepreneur.com, college is the perfect time to start […]

How to Write a Business Plan – Part 1 1

Planning without action is futile, action without planning is fatal. -Unknown Business plans are an essential part of having a business. They offer the steps to success by mapping out ideas, goals and core ideologies. Business plans are also a persuasion tool for prospective investors and stakeholders. When financial resources are needed, a Business plan […]

how to write a business plan


Why PR Is Your Best Marketing Tool

Public Relations is an imperative part of the marketing mix, and as a public relations graduate and professional, I believe that PR can be a company’s best marketing tool. PR Changes Consumer Minds A great public relations plan can change a consumers mind about a company on a more fundamental level than an advertising campaign […]