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5 Professional Wardrobe Items to Splurge On

After landing a new job, splurging on a few high quality and professional wardrobe items is a must. Thanks to Forever 21, H&M, Zara, and other fast fashion brands, we’ve had access to fashion-forward styles at a low price. However, we all know those items won’t last us a lifetime…or possibly even a month. With that […]

Tell The World You’re Going Places with these Status Symbols

It is no longer about how much money you spend, but about who is spending it. Take this study written in the Wall Street Journal, rating what shop assistants in Milan thought of someone who walked into a high-end luxury store wearing gym clothes. Shop assistants were more inclined to assume that a shopper wearing […]

How to Successfully Deliver a Presentation During an Interview

As competition for jobs increase, employers may use any number of interview methods to weed out all but the most highly qualified candidates. Depending on the industry, more and more employers are asking that candidates also prepare brief presentations on a related topic to get a feel for how they interact and present themselves in […]

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5 Epic Career Lessons to Learn in Your Twenties

As a college student you’re taught every trick in the book on how to land the job of your dreams. You become an expert in scoring internships, crafting an eye-catching resume, and being that stand-out person at a networking event. But somewhere between landing the job and plotting your next career moves, you forget that […]

Planning the Next Step in Your Career

This article applies to you if you’ve finally earned that position that you always wanted, are earning a steady paycheck, and are receiving a generous benefits package. FINALLY! All those years slaving away at undergraduate and graduate school to earn that expensive degree have paid off and you’re ready to ride the wave of success […]

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