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The Intrinsic Rewards of Gamification in Education

Gamification has exploded in so many ways including work, play, health, and education. Gamification seems to have a lot of benefit in its applications for education in particular. What is Gamification? The use of gamification is to apply gaming techniques to non-gaming situations. Education, work training, business development, health practices and much more falls into […]

Crafting a Winning Scholarship Essay

In today’s world with college tuition and fees increasing thousands of dollars per year and federal student loan debt hitting $1 trillion, scholarships are the easy way to avoid some of that debt you will take on to attend college. In addition to scholarships offered through your university, there are thousands of scholarship opportunities available […]

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4 Tips for College Students Interested in Real Estate 1

Welcome to the wonderful world of Real Estate and how to get your best out of this industry. I will┬ábe teaching you exciting tips to ensure your success in the real estate industry while in college. Enter the Virtual Real Estate industry Have you heard of Second Life? It is an interactive virtual world in […]