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How to Effectively Manage a Facebook Fan Page

With the use of technology and social media becoming a more integral part in business, Facebook is an important tool to learn how to use.  A recent survey discovered that “47% of small businesses with Facebook pages see a significant amount of traffic go from their Facebook page to their website, which is great for business growth” […]


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Social Media and the Stress on Young Adults 4

If you’re like me, a young public relations professional trying to establish a career in the PR industry, you feel it’s necessary to constantly check your email or social media accounts throughout the day for the latest industry news, internship opportunities, and updates from your place of work. While staying connected is an important part […]

Facebook vs. Twitter: What’s the Difference?

For many modern day businesses, having a social media presence has become a mandatory part of their integrated marketing communications plan. Small businesses often utilize it as a cheap and effective means of generating customer interactions and improving community relations. According to the PRSA, having an active social media presence can often provide small businesses a much-needed advantage over larger competitors since […]


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Event Planning With Social Media

Social media allows you to engage your audience throughout the entire event planning and promotion process. Engaging your audience throughout the planning process allows you to design an event tailored to the needs of your market. A tailored event promoted through the right channels with the right campaigns can have great return on investment (ROI). […]