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10 Easy Ways to Save Money

  Do you find yourself staring at random items in stores longingly, wishing you could purchase them without hindering your other essential expenses? Do you find yourself short of that extra spending money more and more often lately? In today’s economy, it has become increasingly more difficult to maintain the general standard of living, and […]

Understanding Your Student Loan Obligations

According to NBC, as of 2011, two-thirds of United States college graduates had some sort of student loan debt. This includes both Federal and Private loans and, on average, totaled approximately $26,600. More often than not, the decision to accept these loans is an unavoidable choice students make in order to afford the education needed […]

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The Hidden Costs of Summer Internships

Whether you are a college student, a recent college graduate, or a professional switching industries, internships are a very valuable experience. Internships allow you to gain valuable work experience, give you the ability to easily grow your professional network, and provide you with a great opportunity to list on your resume for future employers. Additionally, […]

4 Ways to Save Money over the Summer

Saving money over the summer is a job itself. It is often hard for most people, especially students to manage their expenses during career-free months. Money management is a skill once mastered will benefit you for life, even beyond school years. Here are four suggestions for keeping your finances under control this summer. 1. Utilize […]

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