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Objectively Stating Opinions

Opinions are essentially a part of human nature. If gone about in the right way they can be constructive and beneficial. Other times, however, conflicts emerge from sharing them. This leads us to ask “how?”. How do we share our opinions without offending others? What most people don’t realize is that conflict can be avoided […]

Tell The World You’re Going Places with these Status Symbols

It is no longer about how much money you spend, but about who is spending it. Take this study written in the Wall Street Journal, rating what shop assistants in Milan thought of someone who walked into a high-end luxury store wearing gym clothes. Shop assistants were more inclined to assume that a shopper wearing […]

Nonprofit Case Study: The Campaign for College Opportunity

Each college campus defines and distinguishes its students from all the rest, but how many African American, Latino, and other minority youths have lost their chance to pursue a college education due to their socioeconomic status (education, income, and occupation)? For this discussion, let’s consider the challenges and barriers that may keep minority urban youths […]

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5 Internship Secrets Every Student Should Know 2

Internships are a foot in the door towards an exciting new career path. You want to impress your boss, make connections, and learn from the professionals in your industry. Whether you are required to complete one for your major or you just want some ‘real world’ experience, here are five secrets on internships to help […]

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