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Strategic Planning for Public Relations

Every business needs some type of outreach to their audience, an aid of public relations. From consumers to potential business partners and clients, there are proper steps and tools in place to assist with making all ends of the business successful. The first phase for public relations is formative research. During this process, analyzing the […]

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10 Skills the PR Professional of 2022 MUST Have

The PR industry is ever-growing. In order to adjust to these changes and become a successful PR professional, it is important to hone your public relations skills. Whether you’re looking to break into your first entry-level position or hope to climb the PR ladder, here are 10 skills all public relations professionals must have by […]


Why PR Is Your Best Marketing Tool

Public Relations is an imperative part of the marketing mix, and as a public relations graduate and professional, I believe that PR can be a company’s best marketing tool. PR Changes Consumer Minds A great public relations plan can change a consumers mind about a company on a more fundamental level than an advertising campaign […]

PR Intern 202: How to Identify Media Contacts

Finding the right media contacts to pitch a client can improve the chances for a follow-up placement. While a well-written pitch is important, it is equally important that you present the pitch to the right person. This means delving into a research relationship which goes beyond the standards of a shared target demographic. Learn what to […]

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