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Tell The World You’re Going Places with these Status Symbols

It is no longer about how much money you spend, but about who is spending it. Take this study written in the Wall Street Journal, rating what shop assistants in Milan thought of someone who walked into a high-end luxury store wearing gym clothes. Shop assistants were more inclined to assume that a shopper wearing […]

Becoming a Leader at Your University

As a young professional, you may find yourself wondering, what qualities define a leader or make someone worthy of leading others. Are some people natural-born leaders and the rest doomed to become followers? Or is being a leader a learned skill that allows anyone with potential to rise to the challenge? Do you, as a […]


How to Make Money Writing Horror and Romantic Fiction 1

As a college student, something special happens when you realized that you just self-published your first novel. You become very proud that you actually got some of your writing in print.Currently, I share your pride due to the fact that I am erotic romance writer in college working on my third self-published erotic romance novel. […]

Joining a Professional Organization for PR or Marketing

Your university may offer 50 different fraternities, sororities, and student organizations that will try to recruit students each semester, but young professionals should also consider joining professional associations as they strive to build careers in the fields of marketing or public relations. For students in these fields, obtaining a student membership in professional organizations like […]