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10 Weird Ways to Stay Healthy This Summer

Maintaining great health is an important factor in accomplishing tasks and pursuing our goals after all.  Even though it isn’t always possible to make time for an extensive fitness regime, there are ways that you can stay healthy this summer that you probably haven’t thought of: 1.Drink Green Tea: Whether your green tea is hot or iced, […]

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The Hidden Costs of Summer Internships

Whether you are a college student, a recent college graduate, or a professional switching industries, internships are a very valuable experience. Internships allow you to gain valuable work experience, give you the ability to easily grow your professional network, and provide you with a great opportunity to list on your resume for future employers. Additionally, […]


Summer Fashion for the Office Intern 3

If you haven’t already begun searching and applying for summer internships, you are behind! Summer internships are practical for college students looking to gain industry experience because interning in the summer doesn’t affect studies. Dressing for the office during the summer is tricky and requires lots of editing. College students are used to shorts, tanks, […]

Finding Affordable Housing for Your Summer Internship

In case you aren’t aware, it’s internship application season. More than likely, you’ve already started compiling a database of internship prospects, fretted over which pieces to include in your portfolio, and have a PDF copy of your resume ready to go. (Disclaimer: If you have yet to do any of the aforementioned tasks, bookmark this […]