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The Intrinsic Rewards of Gamification in Education

Gamification has exploded in so many ways including work, play, health, and education. Gamification seems to have a lot of benefit in its applications for education in particular. What is Gamification? The use of gamification is to apply gaming techniques to non-gaming situations. Education, work training, business development, health practices and much more falls into […]

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5 Best Productivity Apps for Students

Spending time online doesn’t always have to translate into wasting time.  Many new apps for students are aimed at increasing productivity in their daily life.  Typically, productivity apps aim to solve a specific problem. Today, there is virtually an app for everything—some help to increase organization, some may assist with research, and some may help […]

Graphic Design Intern 101: What You Need to Know 1

Has the idea of dabbling in graphic design ever appealed to you?  I had always dreamed of familiarizing myself with the Adobe Creative Suite, but that goal seemed like a distant reach in the midst of college life and considering software prices that are higher than my rent. After graduating, I decided to rev up […]