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Top 3 Strategies for Finding a Spring Internship

We do not always realize that our college major is sometimes not the occupation we wish to have for the rest of our lives.  This is simply because what we learn from books, and in the classroom, does not truly reflect how jobs in those areas function in the business world. Internships are considered a […]

Case Study: A Review of Cory Kien and Nathen Legat’s Online Presence

Notable.ca, a Canadian lifestyles website catering to young professionals, recently published an article featuring Cory Kien and Nathen Legat, young entrepreneurs that run a residential real estate company, L&K Group in Calgary, Alberta.  Their business models, namely their client-focused approach and passion for their work resonated throughout the article.  After I finished reading, I browsed […]

5 Professional Wardrobe Items to Splurge On

After landing a new job, splurging on a few high quality and professional wardrobe items is a must. Thanks to Forever 21, H&M, Zara, and other fast fashion brands, we’ve had access to fashion-forward styles at a low price. However, we all know those items won’t last us a lifetime…or possibly even a month. With that […]

The Intrinsic Rewards of Gamification in Education

Gamification has exploded in so many ways including work, play, health, and education. Gamification seems to have a lot of benefit in its applications for education in particular. What is Gamification? The use of gamification is to apply gaming techniques to non-gaming situations. Education, work training, business development, health practices and much more falls into […]

How to Resurrect a Dead Twitter Audience

In the world of advertising, marketing and public relations, social media is not a distraction, but rather pivotal for one to be successful.  One of the most highly used social media sites is indeed Twitter, a community of people who discuss everything from the presidential election to North West to the most popular Starbucks beverage. […]