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An Application Tracking System, also known as an ATS, is a software application that enables the electronic handling of a company’s recruitment needs.  The Application Tracking System is most often accessed online by several different people depending on what the company needs.  Companies that use Application Tracking Systems to track all their applicant communications are 40% more likely to be considered “best in class”.  (Medved)  There are many benefits to having an Application Tracking System.  Below I have listed a few of these benefits.


  • Ease the Workload of Human Resources

    Application Tracking Systems automate most of the recruiting process, which will help the Human Resources personnel discover qualified applicants with just a few clicks on the mouse.  This aids in reducing the actual time to hire an applicant.  Using Application Tracking Systems with resume screening, job postings online, and scheduling interviews can save much time and allow for using this time elsewhere.


  • Reduce Costs Associated with Administrative Duties

    Administrative duties are not so time consuming when you use Application Tracking Systems to communicate with candidates and enter personal data.  Since time and paperwork is saved, it can help minimize the company’s administrative budget and improves your cost per hire within the organization.


  • Improve Quality of New Hires

    Application Tracking Systems using processes to pull important information from the applicant’s resume.  By assigning standards and qualifications, this will help pick out the best employees in the pool of resumes much quicker.  Also, since Application Tracking Systems reduce the time to hire an employee, the high quality applicants will not have to wait as long for a call back from the Human Resources personnel.


  • Alleviate Any Diversity Concerns

    Since Application Tracking Systems help with meeting diversity objectives and automating the hiring process, this system technology actually also works to protect your company from any diversity lawsuits that may arise.  This streamlines the recruiting process and ensures that the best practices are used when hiring.




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