The Formula for a Successful Startup



There are many startups that succeed but some, unfortunately, do end up failing. In order to avoid this from happening, it must be determined what is the perfect formula and method for a near-perfect, successful startup? Let’s dive in!


   Plan_Your_Work_and_Work_Your_Plan_11. PLAN, PLAN, PLAN

To be successful in the business world and to get your startup off the ground, it is extremely crucial to have a plan that can be followed to a T. This is important and helps establish a company that lasts in the long run. It is ideal to create to-do lists and use a planner to schedule important dates. This way, you are making sure you follow your own itinerary!



  1. Work with People You Trust

Are you beginning a startup based off your original idea? Trusting people to be co-founders, or even general employees, is extremely important if you are creating business relations. It is essential to be strategic about who you hire, avoid hiring just anyone. Make sure background checks are performed and contracts are created to bind the relationship. This can help from having others re-market your ideas as their own. Having an amazing team makes everything flow better. When the staff remains the same, an idea can better evolve.


  1. Market

Marketing is the core of a startup because it helps to get the startup off to a good start. Marketing helps companies share their ideas in both a creative and professional ways. Social media is not going anywhere anytime soon and it is important to express ideas through social media platforms to an audience that genuinely enjoys the product. If your audience is impressed, they are more willing to share the page with their friends and through a word-of-mouth, in-turn you are creating even larger audiences for your startup.


  1. Network

Networking creates relationships among employees and businesses. For the CEO of the startup, it is crucial to start relationships via social media through sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Networking allows you to reach out to other professionals, and build business relationships which can be beneficial for all parties involved. For instance, if you are marketing a product and begin networking with a hotel chain CEO, you may be able to sell your products in all the hotels in the chain across the world.


  1. Have Money to Start

Money is not everything in the world but if you have a startup with an idea that means something to you, it is important to create a budget from the beginning. This will help you in hiring employees, creating marketing campaigns, and you will have available funds left for other marketing tools necessary for the beginning of the company. You will be able to raise money many ways.


  1. Have Patience!

Not everything is going to be perfect from the beginning. It is important to remain patient as the kinks work themselves out and to have a knack for solving problems. This combination of patience and problem solving will absolutely benefit your startup in the long run.


  1. Be Passionate

Follow your dreams! If this is something you are passionate about, go for it! And give it all you’ve got! The more passionate you are about your startup will increase your idea span. Never give up on your dreams because there is someone out there in need of your products or services.


  1. Understand Timing

Some of the most amazing companies and businesses in the world started from the bottom, just like the startup you are thinking of creating! Keep in mind your company will not be a multi-million dollar company from the beginning. As long as you follow your heart, remain diligent, network, and market, your company will be mainstream in no time!



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