Testimonials about Classes, Consulting and Internships through Braathe Enterprises

Robert Braathe has over 130 recommendations on LinkedIn for his work as a trainer, consultant and professor.


Dave Williams, Senior Director of Strategic Accounts – Brivo Systems

What a breath of fresh air. Robert’s 1-day class was a great way for our team to come together. His ability to keep everyone engaged and deliver a lot of content was second to none. I highly recommend Robert as not only a fantastic trainer, but a catalyst for change!

Jim Foley, Regional Sales Manager at Salient Systems

Robert provided excellent knowledge to the sales team regarding not only presentation skills, but also invaluable social marketing skills that I’ve used extensively since the presentation. Robert’s curriculum was designed in such a way that it pulls any speaking vulnerabilities from the individual thus enabling them to learn from their mistakes & add their own personal touch to each presentation.

I would highly recommend it to any business professional looking to enhance and strengthen their presentation skills in addition to their personal social media marketing exposure on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

John Manfred, Manfred Real Estate Learning Center  – Learning at Every Level

It has been extreme privilege to work with Robert Braathe developing new courses ideas at the Manfred Learning Center. He brings tireless enthusiasm and passion to his work and in his classroom. We are very excited every time we see Robert walk into our school.

Robert Braathe offers a hybrid learning experience which includes a classroom course and a live webinar.
Do yourself a favor, attend one of Roberts classes, you will not be dissapointed and I promise you will want to take more!

Timothy Harper, Department Chair, MBD & Associate Professor at Skidmore College

Robert Braathe has taught Entrepreneurship for us several times. He has engaged in creative design with respect to the course curriculum and assignments. His students participated in a highly successful trade show as a culmination of the course in Spring 2012. Further, he has expanded the horizons for our students through engaging internships and links to other professionals.

Jennifer Kadesch Senior Accounting Student (May 2014) | Pursuing Opportunities in the Accounting Field

Robert is a hardworking, broad-minded, and self-motivated professional. He is not only a well-educated and proactive boss, but also an inspiring co-worker encouraging both personal & professional development. I enjoyed working with him on the various projects. From job leads to curriculum development, it’s been a real pleasure working together with Robert.

Chris Perillo, American Cancer Society, Manager, Training Enterprise Support

Robert is on the cutting edge with his innovative thinking and the energy to follow through with his ventures. Working with Robert stimulated my ability to think big and wide while still able to bring ideas in focus and implement them in the real world.

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