Testimonials about Classes, Consulting and Internships through Braathe Enterprises

Robert Braathe has over 130 recommendations on LinkedIn for his work as a trainer, consultant and professor.


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Arushi Jain

Robert Braathe is an excellent mentor with an innovative mind. Through his passion and ambition in the field, he was able to teach me leadership skills, website development, and professional skills. He is able to account for multiple facets of a problem to arrive at a solution. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great mentor.

North VanHooser 

Robert took the time to help me develop an outstanding resume; providing feedback throughout the process. I would recommend his services to anyone needing assistance creating a resume designed to accurately reflect the individuals skills and career achievements.

Sarah Angel- Johnson 

Robert provided excellent services through his company and extended virtual internship program to help us determine ROI, marketing opportunity, and financial projections for a critical project. And, in general, the concept of his virtual internship program is amazing. It was truly a pleasure to work with him.

Mackenzie Fiorni  

Robert Braathe was an amazing professor. I had the opportunity to take a sales class with him at Siena College, and not only did he improve my skills, but he prepared me for my future career. He is a great teacher, and salesperson!

Garrison Grant 

Professor Braathe was a professor of mine at Siena as well as a director and mentor of mine at the IgniteU summer 2017 business accelerator program. He is consistently eager to help and advise my start-up and always provides excellent recommendations and business insight. I appreciate how he goes out of his way to connect me with business professionals and I know he genuinely cares about the success of my business and personal development.

Mikayla Lansing 

I participated in the IgniteU NY Accelerator this summer where Robert connected all of the teams with hundreds of people who could help us with our startups. He has such a wide network that he easily connected any of us with someone who could help. He was also a mentor himself and helped our team grow tremendously. By the end of the program he had helped us make a large pivot and get our product on the market. Robert was a huge help throughout the program and is an expert in his field.

Briana Roy 

Robert provided me with an outstanding internship experience. As a Project Manager Intern, I learned managerial and communication skills. Robert is an enthusiastic professional – I would recommend him to businesses seeking consulting services, or to anyone looking for career advice.

Julian Lavelle 

As a Sports Marketing teacher, Professor Braathe’s teaching style was unlike most I have seen in my 4 years of college. His ability to draw connections to his real world experience and bring those situations into the classroom prepared me for my impending graduation more than I could have asked for. He prepared students for the both the good and bad of the real world without any sugarcoating, which I feel has helped me grow as an individual and direct me towards a more clear career-path. Through his constant encouragement to network and utilize connections (as well as demonstrating his success in doing so), he aided me and many of my classmates in finding the right people to talk to for future opportunities. Professor Braathe frequently asked questions that put the students in the role of an executive and managers that enhanced my decision making abilities and furthered my critical thinking. His multiple business experience’s and insight as a business owner and innovator prove that his method of creating opportunity for yourself is essentially fool proof. While Professor Braathe nodded at the idea of occasional failure, he emphasized the notion of putting yourself out there as the more important experience. 

Taylor Woodyard 

I had the pleasure of working with Robert Braathe during my internship at Braathe Enterprises. He was an outstanding advisor and mentor who possess exceptional leadership skills. He made sure that my internship experience was tailored to my needs in order to maximize my skills. Throughout the experience I was able to work hand-in-hand with Robert on various projects, which provided me with invaluable experience. With my internship experience at Braathe Enterprises, I was able to land a job before graduating with my master’s degree. I will forever be grateful for my time spent working with Robert Braathe. 

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