Check out some of our interns

María Turbi

Was a Virtual Marketing Intern at Braathe Enterprises.

International Business Student pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at Hult International Business School, with a major in Marketing and minor in Finance.

Brianna Serna

  • HR Recruiter
  • Business Administration major
  • Attending Los Angeles City College and will be transferring next year to a four-year university in the Fall 2021 semester.
  • I’ve worked at Braathe Enterprises from June 8, 2020 to September 22, 2020. My great deal of experience from working at Braathe Enterprises was practicing my interpersonal communication within my team and with Robert too. I was able to conduct interviews with multiple students from a variety of different colleges and high schools. I was able to do side projects to help manage my time wisely as well as brainstorming ideas on how to garnish more applicants who are interested in working at an internship. I was also able to make up my questions when interviewing candidates and did zoom calls within my HR Team and introduced myself and helped navigate new interns who need training and helped answer any questions. I will forever be grateful for Robert for selecting me in such an important role to help benefit the company and to help students who are in need of first-hand experience. I hope everyone gets an opportunity to work at Braathe Enterprises because it’s something you can expect in working at a future role in whatever field you’re studying in.

Catherine O’Connor

Writing & Editing Intern

I am a rising senior at Fordham University in the Bronx, NY. I will be graduating a semester early and majoring in Digital Technology and Emerging Media and minoring in marketing. After a lot of searching, I was able to find a summer 2020 internship with Braathe Enterprises. Not only was I very impressed with how seamlessly this internship was able to start remotely, I was incredibly impressed with the connections and level of community I found even though I was only meeting people online. As a writing and editing intern I was responsible for various editing projects, including editing resumes, blog posts and podcast descriptions as well as writing projects including writing college syllabi and my own blog posts. Although I was skeptical about how successful a remote internship could possibly be, I am thrilled with how my internship at Braathe turned out to be. 

Olivia Cordano |

Human Resources (HR) Intern at Braathe Enterprises 

Olivia is an aspiring corporate lawyer and current sophomore from the Greater New York City Area double-majoring in both Labor and Employment Relations and Finance at the Pennsylvania State University’s Schreyer Honors College. She serves on the Human Resources team here at Braathe, as well as the Writing & Editing team. The biggest lesson she has learned was from attending Oracle HCM Cloud’s largest online HR summit this Summer. Here, she heard that some corporation’s most diverse talent comes from already hired, lower-level employees. Rather than breaking up the synergy of a company and spending time and resources for new inclusion programs, promoting diverse talent who deserve to move up the employment ladder is best. Olivia’s favorite aspect of the internship program is the free-lance resume editing where she makes a commission! In her spare time, she enjoys playing tennis and blasting rap at high decibels. 

Madeline Zielke | 

Sourcing Apprentice at Braathe Enterprises 

I am a senior at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign majoring in Clinical/Community Psychology and minoring in Sociology, graduating in May of 2021. My Summer 2020 internship with Braathe Enterprises allowed me to develop my recruiting and interviewing skills while at the same time reviewing and critiquing resumes. I was able to select candidates and conduct interviews for various positions, create job postings, locate job opportunities for clients, contribute to free-lance resume writing, write a blog post, and attend a variety of HR-related webinars. The mentorship opportunities available throughout the program guided me into developing strong interpersonal and leadership skills. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities of development that have been made available to me through this internship. 

Hi y’all! I am Nishta Reddy, a Project Management Intern at Braathe Enterprises. I love to read, run, and travel.  During this internship, I am gaining hands-on-experience with business professionals and career-ready expertise. I aim to pursue a major in Business Management and Administration with a minor in English. Currently, I am a junior in High School in GA.

Shiny Gajula

Hey Guys! I’m a marketing intern at Braathe Enterprises. Even though I was only a sophomore in High School, Mr. Braather was able to see the potential in me and allow me to work here. The schedule is very flexible so we have time to enjoy our hobbies without the constant pressure of due dates. Mr. Braathe makes sure that you engage in projects specified to your interests to make sure that you have fun and learn new skills in the process. Overall, this internship is great for people that are busy and motivated to learn.